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About Us

Shenzhen Yuanjia Industry Co., Ltd

Service quality wins user satisfaction

Manufacturing capacity

The company has a large number of high-precision machining equipment and testing equipment imported from Japan and Taiwan: automatic lathes (tool walking, centering); CNC lathe (tool walking, centering); CNC milling machine; Digital display milling machine and processing equipment; Wire cutting; Spark machine; Laser marking machine. And has a professional technical team.


corporate culture

Quality policy: quality first, green and environmental protection, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction

Responsibility policy: honesty and trustworthiness, discipline and law

Environmental policy: energy conservation and consumption reduction, pollution prevention

Business philosophy: pursuit of excellence, harmony and win-win

Quality control capability

Quality assurance organization

The company has established a set of effective quality assurance system with the participation of all staff. It has well-trained full-time QC inspectors, professional quality engineering (QE) team, complete test and precision testing, test equipment, and comprehensive and scientific inspection and testing of products.


We fully comply with ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and management system standards, carry out comprehensive quality planning, management and operation, and become a model of real quality.

Inspection and test equipment

The company has: raw material composition detection, metallographic sample cutting machine, metallographic sample inlaying machine, multi-element composition analyzer, hand-held XRF optical analyzer, ROHS detector, microcomputer-controlled electronic universal material, material testing machine, direct-reading spectrometer, size detection equipment, three-coordinate measuring instrument, digital display projector, digital display height meter, line drawing height meter, and roughness meter.

Cooperation day: perfect supplier

Common growth, harmony and win-win are the principles of long-term benign interaction between us and suppliers, so as to ensure the quality of incoming materials and timely delivery.