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In September 2021, Yuanjia will add three coordinate detection equipment


2022-11-21 14:10

A three-coordinate measuring instrument refers to an instrument capable of measuring geometric shape, length, and circumference indexing within a hexahedral space. It is also called a three-coordinate measuring machine or a three-coordinate measuring bed. The three-coordinate measuring instrument can also define "a detector that can move in three directions and can move on three mutually perpendicular guide rails. The detector transmits signals in contact or non-contact. The displacement of the three axes The measurement system (such as grating ruler) calculates each point (x, y, z) of the workpiece and the instrument for measuring various functions through a data processor or computer. The measurement function of the three-coordinate measuring instrument should include dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy, geometric accuracy and contour accuracy.

The three-axis uses natural high-precision granite guide rails to ensure the same thermodynamic performance as a whole and avoid machine accuracy errors caused by different thermal expansion coefficients of the three-axis materials.

Simply put, a three-coordinate measuring machine has a guiding mechanism, a length measuring element, and a digital display device in three mutually perpendicular directions, and a workbench that can place workpieces (not necessarily large and giant). It is a kind of measuring equipment that moves briskly to the measured point manually or motorized, and the coordinate value of the measured point is displayed by the reading device and the digital display device. Obviously this is the simplest and most primitive measuring machine. With this measuring machine, the coordinate value of any point in the measurement volume can be displayed by the reading device and the digital display device. The point-collecting and sending device of the measuring machine is a measuring head, which is equipped with a grating ruler and a reading head along the three axes of X, Y, and Z. The measurement process is that when the probe touches the workpiece and sends out a point-picking signal, the control system collects the coordinates of the current three-axis coordinates of the machine tool relative to the origin of the machine tool, and then the computer system processes the data.

CMM,measuring equipment