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Wing bolts M5X6


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Wing bolts M5X6

Fasteners generally include the following 12 categories: bolts, studs, screws, nuts, self-tapping screws, wood screws, washers, retaining rings, pins, rivets, assemblies and connecting pairs and welding nails. Function of each part of fastener: Bolt: fastener consisting of head and screw, generally used with nut; Studs: fasteners with threads at both ends; Screw: fastener composed of head and screw, which is divided into machine screw, set screw and special purpose screw; Nut: with internal threaded hole, used with bolts and studs; Self-tapping screw: similar to machine screw, but the thread on the screw is the special thread for self-tapping screw; Wood screw: the thread on the wood screw is a special thread, which can be directly screwed in the wood part; Washer: a kind of fastener in the shape of a closed circle, which is placed between the nut, bolt and screw and the support; Retaining ring: plays a role in preventing the movement of parts on the shaft or hole; Pin: mainly used for part positioning; Rivet: fastener consisting of head and nail rod. It is used to connect the two parts with holes and cannot be disassembled; Assembly and connecting pair: assembly refers to the fastener supplied by combination; The connecting pair is the fastener supplied by the combination of special bolts and nut washers; Welding nails: dissimilar fasteners, which are fixed and connected to one part by welding to connect with other parts.


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